Our Mission

Our mission is to mentor and educate the next generation of great African leaders, society-changers and footballers.


Ubuntu Football was born in response to a crisis of fatherlessness in South African society, where 60% of children are growing up without a father in the home.*

Fatherlessness can increase a child’s risk of low self-esteem, impaired cognitive and academic development, risky sexual behavior, depression and other emotional disorders. (SARRI)

We are dreaming and hope for the day where every child in South Africa has a positive father-figure in their lives.

Our Strategy

We want to raise future leaders and society changers by:

  • Providing role models and mentors
  • Providing a quality education
  • Investing in discipleship, mental skills and leadership development

Our program is built around two key pillars: Football Forward and the Ubuntu Football Academy.  Both of these programs prioritize character and leadership development through football. Football Forward is our community level, grassroots program. The Ubuntu Football Academy offers an intensive football, education and leadership development environment to particularly talented young footballers.

Ubuntu Football Forward

Football Forward is our community based outreach program working with some of Cape Town's most talented 9-11 year olds. First and foremost, each football forward site serves as a way to give back to the community. We provide free high-level technical and skill development to the best youth players from the surrounding area, in hopes that we can help raise the level of football in Cape Town. We focus on individual ball skill, 1v1’s, small-sided games, all to create a fun, disciplined growth environment. We also emphasize character and leadership with a Bible-based lifeskill that allows players to discuss issues related to family, community, school, and football. This helps us to develop great relationships around the city with clubs and coaches who share our values. Secondly, each Football Forward center serves as a tool for talent identification. Players who have shown great potential, growth and character in each of the sites are invited to our Academy Trials at the end of their U11 year.

*If you would like information related to receiving a trial for players born between the ages of 8 and 11 years old, please click here.

Ubuntu Football Academy

The Ubuntu Football Academy offers intensive coaching, quality education, and holistic mentorship to exceptional young players over a sustained period of 7 years (11-18 years-old). The Academy aims to help young footballers pursue their dream of professional football, but even more importantly, to see them grow into responsible adults who will be the great leaders of tomorrow. We provide professional football coaching 4 to 5 times per week, ongoing mentorship from positive role models, an academy residence for players living too far away and full education bursaries to an outstanding school where each player receives excellent individual attention. 

In 2017, we opened our own registered, independent school, with the vision to be able to offer a creative, effective and individual-focused education to every boy in the Academy. Our heart isn't just to use our academy to make football stars, but to make educated members of society that can use their education to think critically about how to inspire others and serve their communities.

Player Pathways

After 10 years of investment in our boys, our goal is to send them on to other great opportunities. These can include playing for professional football teams in South Africa or abroad, pursuing a university scholarship to further their studies, or accepting gainful employment. Our end goal is to see these men become the fathers, leaders, and role models their communities so desperately need.

“Healthy people breed healthy families and healthy families breed healthy communities that breed healthy nations.”
— Ubuntu Vision

We aren't done yet. If you believe in the work we are doing, we would love for you to join our family today. Click the button below to learn more about how you can get involved.