Ubuntu academy school 

In January of 2017, we opened the doors to the Ubuntu Academy School. One of our focuses is quality education, and after success with partner schools and tutoring programs, we decided the next step was to create an environment for learning that is positive, stimulating, encouraging and most of all, safe. There are currently 66 learners enrolled in our school, ranging from grade six to grade twelve, with the addition of a new grade six class every year. Our goal is to one day educate every boy who is a member of Ubuntu Football Academy. Each staff member is each working to contribute to an overall academic growth, as well as confident, well-educated learners. At Ubuntu our values are the foundation of every choice we make, and together we have an opportunity to encourage growth and excellence. 

We work hard to create a safe space where these boys can learn and grow and be encouraged to also develop their God-given abilities, all while pursuing their dreams to become professional football players.
— Gerda Scheepers, Administrator at the Academy School

Contact details: 

Email: school@ubuntufootball.com