Ubuntu Crosses Borders, We're Back in Action

Over the next THREE DAYS, we are reopening our Ubuntu Crosses Borders Campaign. 

That's right. Thanks to your generous support, we are halfway to our goal. We're ready to make it 100%. Here are a few things you need to know:

  • Alex was originally planning to go on the trip. He had an unexpected family obligation arise, so now seven of our boys are headed to the Middle East, not eight.
  • Last week, the boys at the Ubuntu Academy School organized a Playstation, FIFA tournament to raise money for their older brothers going on the trip. They made R500!
  • Our new goal is $11,000. It used to be $15,000. Most importantly? Every gift counts. 

50% of the trip is COVERED. Now, we are asking you to do it again. Let's get to 100%.