The Big Five

We want to list the FIVE main reasons why we believe #UbuntuCrossesBorders is one of our most exciting milestones yet at Ubuntu. We believe this trip is going to radically impact and transform the lives of Tevin, Tino, Shagon, Kanyile, Ridhaa, Yorick, Alex, and Taariq, and we want you to be a part of it!  

the big five 2.0.jpg
the big five 2.0-2.jpg
  1. CULTURE. Some of our boys have never even left Cape Town, and now they have the opportunity to get on a plane... Not only will they cross countries, but cultures and religions to go and serve, and not just any place but a place where there is so much hurt, so much pain, and so much neglect. They will have the chance to visit the Dead Sea, as well as Petra to do some exploring in a brand new culture. We want to raise men who are willing to take this step out of their comfort zone to see, experience, and learn.
  2. VALUE. As a result of the Syrian refugee crisis, there is such a NEED of people to go and invest in children in refugee camps. We believe the power of service will radically change the mindsets of the boys on this trip, transforming the way they live every day, whether that is in South Africa or the Middle East. We want to empower our boys to know and believe they can add value to any situation, no matter who they are, what they've done, where they come from, no matter his circumstances. 

  3. IMPACT. Step into your 16-year-old shoes, and imagine you've spent your whole life feeling like you are the one who is disadvantaged. Then, think about how that affects the way you feel about yourself and your ability to impact this world. We want our boys to believe they CAN be agents of change, and this trip is that chance to experience that raw power. We know they will impact the refugee children they meet, but ultimately this will impact how they see themselves as young men

  4. MISSION. We believe this trip brings the mission of Ubuntu full circle, mentoring and education the next generation of leaders, society-changers, and footballers. It gives these eight boys the chance to practice what it looks like to lead, to be a voice for change, and to shape the future by their actions. 

  5. HOPE. Hope is a feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen, and it's our final reason of the big five for our trip to the Middle East. We are hoping and BELIEVING for a beautiful trip that will be challenging, stretching, and growing for our boys. 

We've shared our heart through these words this past week, and now we are asking you to rally around this trip. Tomorrow is the final day to GIVE! Share this post with your friends, and be sure to click this button, and DONATE today!