Ubuntu’s Day Zero Plan

Cape Town is currently facing its worst drought on record. After a three-year drought leaving reservoirs and dams empty, the fear is tap water will be shut off when Day Zero hits. When the taps are turned off, there will be 200 collection points throughout Cape Town where some 4 million citizens will be able to collect their allotted 25 litres (less than 7 gallons) per person per day. Once the water is switched off, it is unclear how long it will be until it is turned back on again.

Like everyone else in Cape Town, our lives and programs at Ubuntu are being radically challenged by the lack of water.  We are running a school with 50 students, as well as full housing 31 boys at the Ubuntu Academy House, not to mention our fields for matches and training are currently an arid and pitted landscape. It is our job to make sure we take the necessary precautions to continue caring for our boys and their needs, especially in the midst of this water crisis. We’ve created a plan in preparation for Day Zero and the days that follow, but we need your help to make it happen.

In order to have water as the critical circumstances heighten, we need:

  • Gutters for rain collection at the Academy House
  • A water filtration system
  • Large JoJo tanks to store water
  • A stock of backup water supplies for drinking and daily needs
  • Funds to secure turf fields for training and matches

We are asking you to join us, along with the rest of Cape Town, in the midst of this crisis. We want to #DefeatDayZero, but we can’t do it without you. 100% of your funds will go towards water projects for our boys. Thank you