Meet Enrique Jacobs!

Enrique is in grade 8 at the Ubuntu Academy School, and he has been a part of Ubuntu Football Academy for three years now. His favourite subject is maths, and his favourite part of the Ubuntu School is interacting with the teachers. “I learned that the teachers care more, and they want to help us succeed,” he said of the new Ubuntu Academy school, which opened in January this year.

Enrique plays striker for the under 14 team, and his favourite football club is Manchester United. In 10 years, he hopes to be on the professional field in Europe, but his dream job is to become an entrepreneur in the business world. "I want to be a businessman," he boasted. "One day I want to own my own company." Ubuntu's goal is for each of their boys to utilize his platform, no matter what shape that takes as they grow and develop as leaders.

As far now, Enrique wants to pass all of his subjects with high marks and continue developing as a student and a footballer. Within the Ubuntu School, there is a badge system based on football, academics and character and leadership. Earlier this year, Enrique earned marks in all categories that moved him from bronze to silver, awarding him new boots. "That's my best memory from this year so far," Enrique says of his well deserved reward.

Through longterm investment and mentorship in boys like Enrique, Ubuntu is developing the next generation of great leaders in South Africa.


The Ripple Effect

ho·lis·tic- characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable, only by reference to the WHOLE. At Ubuntu, we are striving for just this. Through long term investment, we want to pour into our boys at an early age to raise up the next generation of great South African leaders. From there, our hope is that our boys will pour back into the communities where they came from, breaking the cycle of a lack of role models and father figures. It's a ripple effect from there, communities to cities to the country of South Africa as a whole. 

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Meet the Solution

TODAY IS THE DAY! We are launching our awareness campaign, and we're pretty excited. In South Africa, 60% of children are growing up without a father in their home. We believe our boys are growing up to be the leaders and role models that will change this statistic. Follow us to learn more about how you can be a part of the revolutionary change in South Africa #MeettheSolution



Ubuntu's NFL Adventure

Out of the blue, Ubuntu Football has developed a very significant friendship with NFL star Eric Reid of the San Francisco 49ers. This all started when our Partner Relationship Manager Shawn Buck, struck up a friendship with a retired American couple, now living in Simonstown, who turned out to be Eric’s in-laws.  Eric and his family recently visited Cape Town, and were introduced to Shawn, who spent a week showing Eric around our school, house and football program. 

Unbeknown to us, Eric had been visiting Cape Town for the past three years, feeling called to get involved with something meaningful in the very communities that most of his wife’s family still live in.  He later shared with us that as he spent time with our staff and children, he had a distinct sense of recognizing what he had been looking for, and in the last few weeks, he has become a very significant and strategic supporter of our work. 

Over the week that Eric was with us, he first replaced the TV that had been stolen from our Academy House, and purchased 5 laptop computers for the school.  He then stunned us with the gift of an almost-new 19-seater minivan, before contributing extremely generously to the expansion of our Academy residence, which will be completed in the next few months.

Even more significantly, Eric has asked how he can help in a more strategic and long-term capacity.  As a starting point, he has arranged a presentation to his 49ers teammates in May, which Shawn Buck and Michael Jenkins will fly out for.  Linked to this, we have managed to partner with the San Jose Earthquakes (San Francisco’s professional MLS soccer team) for a charity youth clinic, with the proceeds being donated to Ubuntu, and with Eric and one of the Earthquakes star players present as celebrity guests.  

The Ubuntu Football Academy School is Open!

First off, we want to thank everyone again for your donations to our School Store campaign. Your donations have helped make our beautiful new school into the amazing place of learning that it is going to be.
As the boys entered this morning in their uniforms for the first day of school, you could just sense this excitement and wonder what what this year is going to be like. We had a day of orientation so that they could all get to know their teachers and learn how everything will work. We even took a couple class pictures, as featured above.
These 30 kids are going to have an amazing year ahead of them and part of that is because of you. Thank you again!